A Big Thank you to all Teachers, TA’s, Admin support staff and Governors in Schools and Academies across the country for a great half term!

Thank you for the work you do for the pupils.

Thank you for all the extra work that often goes un-noticed.

Have a Great Half Term!!

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Detailed Analysis of your Mock SATs

Make the most of the time left with Question Level Analysis

Our Time-saving Subject Reports allow you to

  • Quickly identify whole cohort issues,
  • See differences across attainment groups
  • Work with each pupils using our detailed Individual Pupil Profiles.

These reports are shorter allowing teachers to get recommendations quickly. 

Question Level Analysis of your Mock Year 6 SATs – Click here for more

Detailed Analysis of your Mock GCSEs

Question Level Insight to help identify
strengths and weaknesses.
Forensic Analysis across all cohort types
(Gender, FSM, EAL, Ethnicity, KS2 APS)
Easy to read reports that immediately
show areas that are secure

Question Level Analysis of your Mock GCSE – Click here for more