Can you correctly interpret Ofsted’s new Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR)?

Ofsted’s new Inspection Data Summary Report is a new document that supports the new inspection arrangements from October 2017. It will be used by Inspectors to prepare for short inspections instead of referring to the ASP School Performance Summary and will inform the initial conversation between HMI and the headteacher. Therefore, you need to understand what it will tell inspectors about your school.

Ofsted have designed it to show at a glance how well previous cohorts demonstrated characteristics of good or better performance showing a brief overview of published data for the last three years using visual displays.

How to use it

You download your school’s dashboard from your Analyse School Performance (ASP) account. You log in, click “List of reports” on the left-hand side, and download it in the “Inspection Dashboards” section.

Ofsted intended the visual displays to be quick to interpret, but it is actually a very detailed document and not necessarily straightforward and easy to interpret correctly.

The “National Averages” which are shown can be misleading. Sometimes conclusions based on comparisons between your school’s data and the “National Average” that appear immediately obvious can be quite false. For example, the “National Average” which disadvantaged pupils are compared against is not the National Disadvantaged Average, but the National non-Disadvantaged Average.

More information

We have created two online courses, one about the Ofsted Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR) and one about the ASP, and how they link into the Ofsted Inspection Handbook.

  • Stop spending days analyzing this data.
  • Give the training to your colleagues and selected governors.
  • Keep up to date with the latest changes.
  • See what Ofsted consider are your school’s performance data strengths and weaknesses, and why.
  • Get detail about how progress is calculated.
  • And learn what Ofsted wants to look for in your absence data.

Next Steps

Why not have a look at the courses, one about the IDSR and one about the ASP? You will see Preview in the top-right hand corner, and can sample some of the videos there and see if they are right for your school. And by reading this article, this links will offer them for a special price – only £24.99 including VAT per course.

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“Guidance on how to interpret the data and how to navigate between the different documents. It was useful to be able to refer to our own data and the points to ponder were very helpful..”
– Tara Gilman, Rufford Primary School, Nottingham

“Some very useful points made which has clarified key points e.g. inspection dashboard criteria, conversion of scores to KS2 end of year, clarification of ntl comparisons and CI..”
– Greg McEnaney, William Booth Primary School, Nottingham

“It is really useful listening to someone who really understand what they are talking about, so thank you to Phillip.”
– Jon Motler, Westbury School, Nottingham