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ASaP: ASP made easy (Secondary)

Your School’s Analyse School Performance Summary distilled into two simple to understand documents with personalised analysis on every page.

  • ASaP Report – a full Summary of your School.
  • ASaP Appendix – your data by cohort type – NOT in the ASP.

We provide two standard versions, one using your unvalidated data, and then a second report using your validated data. Reports available individually or as a pair.


KS2 SATs Question Level Analysis – New Year 7s

Available June 2019

DAISI’s brand new Transition Pack aims to help teachers know the strengths and weaknesses of their new class before the start of term based on performance in the Summer KS2 SATs.

  • Detailed insight by teaching group
  • Forensic Topic Analysis

Build your early lesson plans around your students’ needs to give them a flying start.


KS4 GCSE MOCK GCSEs Question Level Analysis

We can create detailed Question Level Analysis of the 2018 AQA, OCR and Edexcel papers for the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language / English Literature
  • Biology / Physics / Chemistry

The DAISI KS4 GCSE question level analysis looks at the individual marks scored by pupils for specific questions, and aggregates them up into topic types.


DAISI QuickView

Your One-stop Results Guide!  Fully Downloadable to pdf or ppt in less than a minute.

KS4 Results QuickView

A FREE overview of EBacc, Attainment 8 and Progress 8 measures for every school and LA in the country.

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School Absence Figures

FREE analysis of your Schools Analysis Figures for every school in the Country.

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“Understanding your School’s Data Guides”

Each guide gives you the up-to-date information about School Data and Formal Assessments for both Primary and Secondary Schools. 

Ideal for Teachers, Governors, NQTs and Parents.

Available to Read online or as a FREE pdf download.


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  • Attaining Thresholds (EBacc, E&M)
  • Attainment 8 (English, Maths, EBacc, Open)
  • Progress 8 
  • Value added scores

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