Give your teachers the tools they need to give your new Year 7 a flying start.

Start their Secondary journey in a place of knowledge

English Baseline Assessment

Full KS2 Curriculum Coverage

  • Subject Specific Pupil Profiles pre-arranged in the class groups.
  • Full Cohort Reports – Topics/Questions/Outcomes
  • Close learning gaps quickly with Topic-Based Targeted Intervention.
  • Focus your teaching at the start of Year 7 on areas of need..

Two Options for 2021

Full Analysis of Mock KS2 SATs
Reading & SPaG Papers
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NEW One Hour SATs-based paper
available for SPaG
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“I particularly like the pupil profiles and will be able to use these for identifying our able and year 7 catch up students.”

KS3 Teaching and Learning Leader, Trinity Catholic High School, Essex

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Topic Based Strengths and Challenges

Our Analysis breaks the Reading and GPS tests down to distinct topics.

This first page is from our Reading report. It shows the strengths and weaknesses for all pupils, boys and girls, and how it compares with the Entire Year and the National averages. In this example, it shows that girls did particularly well in “Meaning of words in context”, and both genders did not do as well in “Identify details”.

Please click on the graphic to enlarge it (it opens in a new tab).

Detailed Analysis by Question

Our Analysis breaks the tests down to individual questions.

This second page is from our Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling report.

It shows the top 10 questions which are most above or below the National average, so you can see the types of questions that your pupils found difficult or easier than average. It compares your class results against the entire Year 7, and against National.

Subject Specific Pupil Profiles

Our Analysis breaks the tests down to individual pupils.

This is an example of our GPS Pupil Profile. It shows for Christopher his strengths and challenges. Of the major topics (the ones with the most marks available in the SATs, highlighted in purple), Christopher was 5% above the National average in Spelling and “Verb forms, tenses and consistency”, and 12% below in Punctuation.

It also shows a summary for Reading, Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling.

These are delivered as part of the Class Analysis – already pre-arranged into the class groups.

DAISI Y7 Transition Pack

How can it work in 2021?

In absence of 2021 KS2 SATs we can still provide our essential detailed analysis using one of our two options…

Our Baseline QLA uses a full past SATs papers to give your school a true baseline assessment of your pupils. This is the closest reporting format to the full Transition Pack for teachers and students alike.

Our NEW Concise QLA gives schools the choice to run shorter SATs based tests but still brings that essential detailed analysis that schools need.

Full SATs Analysis (2018 & 2019)
Detailed Baseline Assessment

Full Detailed analysis of KS2 SATs
Comparisons with previous year

Marked in school
Data inputted to Spreadsheet

Full analysis of all 23 categories.
Detailed Individual Pupil Profiles.
Forensic cohort analysis.

One hour SATs-based tests
Maths and SPaG Papers only

Full KS2 Curriculum Coverage
Available for immediate use.

Marked in school

Data inputted to Spreadsheet

Full analysis
of all 23 categories.
Detailed Individual Pupil Profiles.
Forensic cohort Analysis.


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