Free video below.

You are probably aware that we can provide your school with totally stress free analysis of the 2018 KS2 SATs tests for your Year 6 cohort.

But what can your school learn from such a Question Level Analysis? How can you use it to improve for next year’s SATs?

Well, I could list some of the benefits, such as:

  • provide information and a clear evidence base to
  • plan your curriculum provision and
  • align the focus of staff CPD.

However, what specifically can you learn from the analysis? Rather than read a lengthy article, please let me show you.

In this free video below, I have a look at the Question Level Analysis for a fictitious school:

  • I start out by looking at summary results,
  • before going into questions in details,
  • comparing cohort types,
  • comparing my results with other schools in my MAT/Trust.
  • examining progress scores when compared with attainment,
  • viewing the 26-page summary report, and
  • especially importantly for your Year 6 Mocks, a pupil profile report.


Can we help you to analyse your school’s Question Level Analysis. Don’t forget, for watching this video, we would like to offer you a discount on your 2017/18 QLA reports (details in the video).

Ordering is easy – complete our online order form. We’ll send you instructions as to how to send us your data. Then sit back and we do the rest.