Question Level Analysis is a powerful tool.

By looking in detail at the questions, you can quickly find the evidence you need to guide your interventions and teacher planning for the year or months ahead.

Our Question Level Analysis has helped schools find the marginal gains they needed to improve their results over time. 

What have schools said about DAISI QLA?


Your Official SATs Results analysed

Useful for Curriculum Planning

Start Evidence based discussions on school strengths and weaknesses. 

“I just wanted to say thank you for turning around the DAISI reports so quickly it’s very much appreciated.  …I’m sure they will be key in informing the focus area’s for this year improvement plans.”

Peterborough Keys Academy Trust

“These reports are so thorough and useful. Subject leaders and Raising Standards Leaders in each primary school are going to be able to use this information to inform teaching and learning opportunities , not just in Year 6, but across the school. Some of the graphs used were new to me – it’s always good to be challenged by  information presented in a different way!

Headteacher, Ravensthorpe Primary School

“Thank you ever so much for the QLA reports & the subsequent updates. The service we have received from yourselves & the attention to detail have been fantastic. We have found the reports to be incredibly useful & they are helping us to shape our school improvement priorities for the coming year.”

Headteacher, Holy Trinity CE Junior School, Ripon

“Thank you for the QLA Reports – You have just saved me 15 fifteen hours of work”.

Headteacher, Cantrell Primary School, Nottingham

“I think they are a great tool and really help us to analyse our data in great detail. I have been telling everyone how good they are & how they have saved hours of work. This has allowed me to focus on how we can improve teaching and learning rather than spending time on the data analysis – a very welcome change.”

Headteacher, Captain Cook Primary School, Middlesbrough

“In my role as deputy headteacher of a big school as well as assessment coordinator, there is no way I have the time or capacity to complete QLA to the level & in the detail that the DAISI team do. They save me days of work & the information this gives me allows us to develop whole school targets that we can show improve the attainment of our pupils.”

 Deputy Headteacher, Seely Primary & Nursery School, Nottingham

“DAISI QLA is a wonderful product. It has not only saved me a lot of time but is clear and easy to understand. It is a resource I will share with our governors. I have also recommended DAISI QLA to other Head Teachers.”       

Headteacher, Butterwick Pinchbeck CE Primary School, Lincolnshire

“We use the Question Level Analysis service that DAISI provide and get a lot of essential information from the reports.  This saves us a lot of time. We use the reports to target CPD and review our provision.  We are also planning to use the service for mock papers in September with the new Y6s to help identify gaps in learning.”       

Assistant Headteacher, Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School, Nottingham

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“In regards to the QLA as we have such a large cohort – it is good to look for areas/types of questions where children have struggled and we need to focus on further in the future. The QLA for each individual child is useful when looking at specific children within groups SEN, FSM, PP looking particularly at their individual progress in each subject.”

Headteacher, Fernwood Primary School, Nottingham

“Enormous thanks for the QLAs. I’m really pleased with them. My Y6 teachers can now focus their teaching on specific areas during the spring and early summer to give the children the best possible chance of achieving their potential in the SATs.”

Headteacher, Grangehurst Primary School, Coventry

“Thankyou! We have found the DAISI reports very useful – not only for identifying weakness in particular groups in the cohort – but to think about changes we might need to make to Year 6 this year.”

Headteacher – Kirkburton Middle School, Huddersfield

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