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Ready – Made Analysis in an Easy to Read Format

Get Your ASP Summary – Analysed for you – ASaP

Your School’s
Analyse School Performance Summary
broken down for you..

Personalised Insight with clear graphs,
charts and performance statements.

Time-Saving Analysis of all the many different cohort groups throughout your school.

Primary Schools

Personalised Insight showing
Absence, Early Years, Phonics
KS1, KS2 Attainment and Progress

Time-Saving Forensic Analysis
for up to 42 different cohort types

Reports ready to share with
Senior Leaders, Governors and Ofsted.

Secondary Schools

Personalised Insight showing
Attainment 8, Attainment Thresholds,
Progress 8 and EBacc Pillars attainment
for your pupils overall and for your
Low, Middle and High Prior attainers.

Time Saving Forensic Analysis
of your many different cohort types
incl. FSM, LAC, EAL, Disadvantaged,
and each of your pupils’ ethnicities.

We provide two standard versions of the ASaP Reports – first using your unvalidated data,                and then a second report using your validated data.

We aim to produce ASaP reports within 4 working days of receipt of your data.

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DAISI Education

We are a team of expert analysts passionate
about turning data into meaningful insight so
your pupils can realise their potential.

We believe that each school requires a
personalised solution to their data needs and
offer timely, unique and tailor-made reports.

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