The DfE’s Analyse School Performance (ASP) service is the main source of data for School Improvement Advisers and OFSTED Inspectors. To Access your ASP, you need to go to the DFE Secure Access Sign-In

ASaP – Your School’s ASP Summary analysed for you 

Our ASaP report makes the ASP easy with detailed written statements, graphs and charts.

Personalised Insight with clear graphs,
charts and performance statements.
Time Saving Forensic Analysis
of all the many different cohort groups
throughout your school.
Reports ready to share with
Senior Leaders, Governors and Ofsted.

“Using the ASaP analysis with both staff and governors is so much more effective with the DAISI reports. The visual presentation makes it accessible to all, staff quickly assimilate the information they need to support their subject and school development plans. Whilst governors have the overview and detail they require to enable them to ask relevant, pertinent and searching questions with confidence and understanding.”

Karen O’Donnell, Head Teacher, Athelstan Community Primary School

Primary Schools

Personalised Insight showing Absence, Phonics, KS1, KS2 Attainment and Progress

Time-Saving Forensic Analysis for up to 42 different cohort types

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Secondary Schools

Personalised Insight showing Attainment 8, Attainment Thresholds, Progress 8 and EBacc.

Cohort Analysis including by Boy and Girls separately, FSM, LAC, EAL, SEND and more…

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