Ofsted IDSR

Thank you for attending today’s course. To get our comprehensive course about the IDSR and ASP for FREE, please use the link that we have sent you by email.

If you want to discuss your IDSR, then we offer a 1-to-1 discussion of your school’s ASP and IDSR, for only £110 per hour (a minimum of half an hour for £55). Please click here to book.

EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

To help schools understand their new responsibilities and liabilities under the GDPR, we have created a free 35 minute video course. This includes your pupils’ enhanced individual rights, the updated requirements for consent, and whether you require a Data Protection Officer. Please click here to watch this video course.

To help schools comply with the GDPR, we have also created the GDPR Toolkit, exclusively for England schools and academies. It contains all the essentials for an operational approach to GDPR, enabling your school to show tangible evidence of its GDPR compliance. Please click here for more details.

ASaP (Your ASP Made Easy report)

The ASP report remains largely numerical and an impenetrable read, especially for governors, even though they are required to understand your school’s performance.

ASaP (Analysing School Attainment and Progress) is your essential electronic report distilling your school’s ASP School Performance Summary into one simple to understand report with personalised analysis on every page.

ASaP is packed with ASP charts plus our readymade performance statements. We provide two standard reports, one using your unvalidated data, and then a second report using your validated data. We can also produce you a bespoke report using your School’s Own Data. It is typically 110 pages for primary schools, and 65 pages for Junior, Middle, Lower and Infant schools. Get a 10% discount for up to 2 weeks after our training by using the coupon code IDSR.

Please click here for more details.

Question Level Analysis for your Current Year 6 pupils

Many schools are giving their current Year 6 pupils last year’s SATs tests. They are doing this, so they can find out how they are doing, and how this compares with last year.

But what other data can you get from this? Did you know that out of the 23 categories that are tested last year, 11 of them account for more than 81% of the marks?

Let us help you. Last year we created Question Level Analyses for hundreds of schools, and we can do the same for your school for your current Year 6 Pupils, using 2017 and/or 2016 test papers.

Get all 3 maths papers, reading paper and 2 GPS papers analysed and condensed into 3 subject reports, together with a 26-page summary report. Get a 10% discount for up to 2 weeks after our training by using the coupon code IDSR.

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More information, and how to contact us

Do you want more information, or want to ask me a question? Then please email Gillian Heath on Gillian.Heath@nottinghamcity.gov.uk, or call me on 0115 876 4624.