QLA Transition

Luton Schools get a 20% discount on all DAISI QLA.

QLA-Transition breaks down SATs results to give giving detailed insight into your new pupils’ Strengths and Weaknesses before they even set foot in school.

Our analysis, created in collaboration with teachers, ASTs and a former Maths Hub Lead, has been designed with Ofsted, Departmental Heads and Class Teachers in mind.

Time Saving Insight – No need to run a Baseline Assessment

The KS2 SATs give a validated indication of each of your students strengths and weaknesses and the results are available every year. QLA Transition breaks this down to each individual question so you don’t have to

  • Reports produced within days from provision of data
  • Including individual profiles and summary analysis.
  • They can even be created before term starts.

Detailed Analysis of all your Year 7 Pupils

QLA Transition gives you full and detailed analysis of your pupils allowing you to work with them immediately. We can also break the analysis down into your bespoke class lists – allowing your teachers to set work based on their performance in the SATs.

  • Individual Pupil Profiles showing strengths and weaknesses.
  • Topic Insight for Classroom Teachers and Heads of Department
  • Single page views with clear graphs and charts, simple tables, colour coding and benchmarking.

Full Overview for Heads of Year/Department

QLA Transition looks at your student groups as a whole – identifying your many cohorts and giving you valuable information for moving forward..

  • Full Cohort Analysis – gender, disadvantaged, SEN, EAL and more.
  • Evidence for Pupil Premium – match invention to need.
  • Reports ready to share with Assessment Co-ordinators, Senior Leaders, Subject Leaders, School Improvement Partners, Governors and Ofsted.


We offer a discount of 20% on all our Mock QLA for Luton Schools.

This reduces the cost of our full QLA Transition from £369 to £295.20 giving you full analysis of your entire Year 7 cohort (regardless of size of school).

Simply fill in the appropriate order form below and include the discount code of “LUTONDAISI“.

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