Question Level Analysis

Question Level Analysis breaks the results of an assessment down into simpler parts – focusing in on successes and highlighting areas to focus on. It can really help prepare for exams, and gives teachers a true insight into their cohorts.  

In each case, you do the tests in school and send us the results. We then transform the numbers into detailed analysis and insight that puts teachers in a position of knowledge and enables them to Help your pupils Realise their Potential.

Your Official SATs Results analysed without any data inputting required

Full Mock SATs Test Analysis
Using 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 SATs papers

Shorter (One Hour) SATs based tests providing full KS2 Curriculum Coverage

One Hour Mathematics SATs test looking at Year 3 – Year 5 Maths curriculum only

Our QLA Combined offer gives you Analysis of your Mock SATs and Results in one package

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Proven to improve your results over time…

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Our QLA Combined offer gives you Analysis of your Mock SATs and Results in one package

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