The RAISEonline replacement service is due to be launched in next month. And we have what looks to be some of the proposed graphics.

Now, please bear in mind, this service is currently in beta, and anything may change before the actual launch. But here are some of the graphics from the Alpha:

[slideshow_deploy id=’393′]

It looks clean with a more modern interface, and some of the other documents that we’ve seen suggest that you may be able to more easily export pupil level data than in RAISEonline. The “documents” tab and the “Summary Report in PDF format” shows that you will still be able to download documents as currently.

If you are interested in the design process of the RAISEonline Replacement Service, then please go to Vikram Singh’s article about the RAISEonline Replacement Project, which is where the above graphics are taken from. It shows some of the things that have been prioritised, together with the alpha-testers feedback.

So, RAISEonline is (soon) dead – long live the RAISEonline Replacement Service.