The submission of the School Census returns, including a set of named pupil records, is a statutory requirement on schools under section 537A of the Education Act 1996

Please make sure you read all of the guidance below as the answer to your query may be in the information and may save you time at times when the helpdesk is busy.

School Census is collected three times a year for all from all Pupil Referral Units, maintained Nursery, Primary, Middle, Secondary and Special Schools, Direct Grant Nurseries, City Technology Colleges, Academies, Non-maintained Special Schools and Service Children’s Education establishments.

Important Notice: The DSG funding has now moved from the January Census collection to the October Census collection, although the pupil premium is still based on the January Census.

School Census Dates 2020-2021

October: 1st October 2020 – DEADLINE 5th October 2020
January: 21st January 2021
May: 20th May 2021

School Census Data Items 2020-2021

Please select the file for your type of school

Secondary & Post 16
All Through

EYPP Guidance

Pupils may qualify for EYPP from the term after their third birthday.

EYPP checking can be completed using the Early Years Portal.

Duplicate UPNs

From now, to help ensure fair allocation of DSG/GAG funding, the DfE will no longer double fund unresolved duplicate Pupil records.

All duplicate pupil records will need to be resolved.

Duplicate pupils are where two or more schools make returns which contain the same pupil with incompatible enrolment statuses. There are numerous reasons why this occurs, but the main reasons are:

1. When a pupil moves schools and the school the pupil leaves doesn’t update their register and returns that pupil as still on roll.
2. When a pupil is dually registered between two schools and the schools use an incorrect combination of enrolment statuses.

If you have duplicate pupils on roll when you submit your census return the Information Management team will be in contact with you to resolve this matter, and in most cases it will involve the creation of a new census return.


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