Your Nottingham City DAISI Data Packages include powerful new functionality within Perspective Lite.

NB. only available to schools signing up to the Annual Data Analysis Package.

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INSIGHT gives you interactive dashboards showing your school figures in a concise way with clear interpretation statements and graphs. You can choose the year and look back through your results at the click of a button.

It has been created by all 152 Local Authorities working together providing an accurate and unrivalled data source across the whole country.

Fully detailed and interactive – it gives a new dimension to your data analysis package.

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As a companion, the suite of interactive NOVA reports give you the full forensic detail which you can interrogate to create your own bespoke analysis.

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There is also a very clear infographic showing your census broken down into Free School Meals, EAL, Ethnicity and more.

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Watchsted also provides you with up to date information on Ofsted Inspections and inspectors.

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All these services within Perspective Lite are only available to schools signing up to the Annual Data Analysis Package.

All services offered by the DAISI Service including year-round packages, bespoke reports, Data Checking, UPN-ULN searches and more are invoiced through Education Services Nottingham.

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