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Welcome to DAISI Education

Here at DAISI Education, we are a team of expert analysts passionate about turning data into meaningful insight so that your pupils can realise their potential.

We believe that each school requires a personalised solution to their data needs and focus on the Insight – not the numbers. We offer timely, unique and tailor-made reports that aim to identify the Small Steps that lead to Big Changes.


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Primary Schools and Academies

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Your Official SATs Results analysed without any data inputting required

Annual and Summer Data Packages – detailed analysis straight to your inbox.

Detailed Analysis of Mock SATs – to help your pupils realise their potential.

Mathematics Baseline covering the Year 3-5 curriculum only

Our ASaP is your School’s ASP Summary ANALYSED for you including every cohort.

Maths Support to help your pupils realise their potential

Alongside our QLA and ASaP, we offer a wide range of Bespoke Analysis available here…

We offer a discount for all Multi Academy Trusts – contact us!

Secondary Schools and Academies

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Analysis of your incoming Year 7 Cohort SATs Results including pupil and topic insight

Mathematics Baseline based on KS2 SATs and covering the full KS2 Curriculum

Your School’s ASP Summary ANALYSED for you including full cohort insight.

Free School Data Guides including a guide to Progress 8, Attainment 8 and more

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Question Level Analysis

Our Question Level Analysis has been proven to help schools improve their results over time.

Detailed Insight by  Summary Topic  |  Question  |  Pupil  Cohort 

Your Official SATs Results analysed without any data inputting required

Full Mock SATs Test Analysis using 2016 – 19 or 2022 SATs papers

Shorter (One Hour) SATs based tests providing full KS2 Curriculum Coverage

One Hour Mathematics SATs based test looking at Y3 – Y5 Maths curriculum only

Analysis of your new Year 7s SATs Results – So much more than a scaled score

One Hour Mathematics SATs based test providing full KS2 curriculum coverage

Analysis of GCSE Past Papers with Key Topics identified for revision catch ups..

Save Money by ordering your KS2 SATs Analysis together

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What have Schools said about DAISI Education?

Over the years, many schools have got back in touch to tell us about what they thought of our Question Level Analysis, Data Packages, Analyse School Performance insight and more – explaining how it had helped their school find those marginal gains to improve results.

These are their words…

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“Fantastic and so simple to use. In addition, it would have taken us an inordinate length of time to produce anything quite like it… Thank you! In Ofsted speak Outstanding Best Value!!!”

Broadway Junior School, Sunderland

“Our Executive Headteacher has asked me to let you know how impressed we are with the analysis, including the speed we received it.  We could never have achieved the same depth of analysis with the equivalent cost of staff time.

Gleadless Primary School, Sheffield

“The data pack reports are excellent and were really helpful. The detail and narrative was exactly what we need and we will certainly be using DAISI again. The service has been excellent so thank you I am really grateful.”

Chief Executive Officer – DRB Ignite Multi Academy Trust

“My Y6 teachers can now focus their teaching on specific areas during the spring and early summer to give the children the best possible chance of achieving their potential in the SATs.”

Grangehurst Primary School, Coventry

“Really useful. Helped with the bigger picture allowing me to really home in on specific groups, groups within groups and the specific areas which we need to address.”

Stoke Bishop CE Primary School, Bristol

“Thankyou! We have found the DAISI reports very useful – not only for identifying weakness in particular groups in the cohort – but to think about changes we might need to make to Year 6 this year.”

The Mast Academy Trust

“These tools will support us to enable class teachers, subject leaders, senior leaders and governors to accurately evaluate their areas of responsibility and plan for school improvements over the coming 12 months.”

Nottingham Schools Trust

“Daisi Transition provides key topic evaluation to prioritise areas of focus in the catch up sessions enabling more targeted and focused intervention to take place.“ 

Anthem Schools Trust

“WOW! Money well spent! Thanks so much for the swift turn around. Amazing… Once again, amazed with the service.  Thank you very much indeed this is a massive help.”

Park View School, Durham

“I particularly like the pupil profiles and will be able to use these for identifying our able and year 7 catch up students.

Trinity Catholic High School, Essex

Using the ASaP analysis with both staff and governors is so much more effective with the DAISI reports. The visual presentation makes it accessible to all.

Athelstan Community Primary School, North Yorkshire

“Much appreciated. will save huge amounts of time and support Governor and SLT knowledge. So glad I purchased it!”

Westglade Primary School, Nottingham

“I just wanted to say thank you for turning around the DAISI reports so quickly. It’s very much appreciated. I’m sure they will be key in informing the focus area’s for this year improvement plans.”

Peterborough Keys Academy Trust

For more feedback – click here | How DAISI QLA helped my school improve its results

Fun Learning Activities

We present a wide range of fun, educational and engaging resources. This list was put together over the summer of 2020 and has continued to grow ever since. Many thanks to those from around the world who have suggested ideas and links. We hope you continue to find them useful!

Learning Resources

Check out these links for Primary and Secondary age.

Early Years

Activities for 2-5 year old.. Storytime to colouring to crafts and more…

Tour the World and Beyond

See the world from space and live elephants in Africa…

Craft Activities

100s of ideas from a variety of sources..

Free Colouring Sheets

Here are over 100 patterns and pictures to choose from..

Museums and Galleries

Visit the Louvre, British Museum and more…

Fun Activities at home..

100s of Ideas and Links What a huge help for families!”

Science Experiments

Create giant bubbles, a rocket that blasts off and more..

Baking Activities

Loads of recipes and ideas from cupcakes to pizzas.

Reading Activities

Escape to a new world with these reading links.

Discover Something

Fascinating facts about Space, animals, humans and more…

Live Theatre Productions

Watch shows online from across the world…

Please note.. this list should not be taken as a recommendation for any products or services by DAISI Education (and those featured should not claim any recommendation). All data and GDPR rules – and terms and conditions – should be closely scrutinised by schools and parents.

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