DAISI Education have been creating bespoke Question Level Analysis since 2014 and it has been proven to help schools nationwide improve their results. Have a look at our full range below to see how we can help your school…

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All our prices have been held for the last five years. During this time, we have expanded our range of QLA giving schools real choice and true value for money. This is why we are recommended across the country.

In 2019, we were recognised as a World Class Supplier by the World Class Schools Network – further proof of that our attention to detail and focussed data analysis is continuing to make a difference in schools across the country.

Our Question Level Analysis can be bought as individual products (please use the order forms provided) or can be combined to make larger packages.

We also offer deals for Multi-Academy Trusts or Federations when ordering together.

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Each of our Question Level Analysis can be bought separately..

ProductPriceDescriptionOrder Form
QLA Year 5£99
One paper
Year 5 Mathematics Assessment
One hour long.
All Questions taken from 2019 SATs.
Order QLA Year 5
QLA Baseline£249
Full pack
One subject
Full Detailed Analysis
Full Mock SATs Test.
2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 SATs
past papers in all three subjects.
Order QLA Baseline
QLA Concise£99
Per paper
Full KS2 Curriculum Coverage
One Hour papers!
“Mathematics” and “SP&G”
SATs past papers (2019 OR 2017)
Order QLA Concise
QLA Results£249Your Official SATs Results
Time Saving Analysis – No data inputting
Ready made Insight to inform
curriculum and improvement
planning for the next academic year.
Order QLA Results
Full pack
Analysis of KS2 SATs
for your incoming Year 7 cohort.
Full Summary Reports covering full year group,
pre arranged into Bespoke Class Groups 

Individual Pupil Profiles for every student,
Order QLA Transition
Time Saving Detailed Analysis
GCSE Past Papers
Question Level and Topic Insight
Forensic Analysis across all cohort types
(Gender, FSM, EAL, Ethnicity, KS2 APS)

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Why not combine our Primary Analysis into one package

ProductPriceDescriptionOrder Link
£450 All four QLA products for one single price

QLA Year 5
QLA Baseline
QLA Concise
QLA Results

Use each product when you want
through the 2021-22 academic year

(simply email us when needed)
Order QLA Combined

Save 10% on all prices by signing up to our PREMIUM mailing list before you order..

Member of Multi-Academy Trust or Federation?

DAISI Education work with Multi Academy Trusts and School Federations all over the country providing detailed bespoke reports and data packs. We believe that each trust is distinctive and requires bespoke detail.

All our Reports can be customised for your Trust with MAT/Federation Averages*.

If ordered together, every school in your trust will receive the same level of forensic analysis – personalised in detail and including individual pupil profiles for every student – and we will then collate all this into your FREE MAT/Federation summary report**.

*Averages require all member schools to purchase QLA reports to aggregate the data.

**MAT/Federation level reports can only be produced once data received from all your schools

For more information – email us for a bespoke Quotation for your MAT/Federation

Contact us

If you require any further guidance or want to ask any further questions, please do contact us. We would be happy to talk you through all the options and make sure that you receive the best deal.

Email us at mail@daisi.education or ring us at 0115 876 4020.