Bespoke Packages for your Trust / Federation

Designed for your individual data needs alone

We believe that every Trust or School Federation is distinctive and so we offer bespoke packages for Multi-Academy Trusts and School Federations who order on behalf of all their schools.

  • Money Saving offer designed just for you.
  • Uniform Detailed analysis for all your schools/academies.
  • Higher level Summary reports included for free (where possible)

Annual Data Package | Individual Reports for every school | Stand Alone Data Packs

Annual Data Package

The DAISI Annual Data Analysis Package remains the most cost effective way of using our products – combining the very best of what we offer into one stand-alone package.

  • Price based on number of pupils in your schools
  • All reports sent directly to your headteachers’ inboxes
  • Higher level Summary reports for Trust/Federation leaders also included

When you sign up as Trust/Federation we will only charge you once for the setup. With 8 schools/academies, this could save you over £2000.

Individual Reports

Every one of these Individual reports can be purchased for all your schools together giving you uniform analysis plus a free higher level summary report for senior leaders including MAT/Federation Averages.

Your 2023 SATs Results analysed in detail – every question, every pupil.

Mathematics Baseline for Year 6 covering only the Year 3-5 Curriculum

Your school’s ASP summary ANALYSED for you including full cohort insight.

Full MOCK SATs Analysis. Every paper, every topic, every cohort. (2016-19 or 2022 papers)

Our Transition Pack enables you to see your new Year7 before they start school

Your school’s ASP summary ANALYSED for you including full cohort insight.

Stand Alone Data Packs

Early Years, Phonics, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2

We can create Bespoke Data Packs for every School, Academy, Trust or Federation in the Country.

  • Forensic Analysis of all your key indicators
  • Easy to read Charts and Graphs
  • Clear Written Statements
  • Detailed insight by cohort group/IDACI
  • Fully Comprehensive