ASP and Ofsted IDSR Training

The new Ofsted framework states that inspections will not examine any internal school data.

Therefore, headteachers and school leaders need to have a thorough understanding of their exam results, the ASP (Analyse School Performance) and IDSR (Inspection Data Summary Report).

We have created two video courses to help you..

Ofsted IDSR

In this FREE training course, we go through each page of the Ofsted IDSR Dashboard, so that you, other school leaders and your governors will be able to understand it better..

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ASP (Analyse School Performance)

In this FREE training course, we look at the ASP website, the data nuances contained in the reports and all the features which you will need to understand.

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Comprehensive Explanations

  • Completely FREE
  • Fully updated
  • Over 3 hours of combined content
  • Learn at your speed (can be paused and restarted)
  • Used on the go (over internet)
  • Great for School Governors and School Leaders

What will I learn?

  • How to navigate the ASP website and data nuances contained in ASP reports
  • Understand and explain the significance of the graphs in the Ofsted Inspection Data Summary Report
  • Learn how information from ASP integrates and expands on the Ofsted Inspection Data Summary Report
  • Note key metrics from the Ofsted Inspection Handbook and why these have been chosen and how they might affect any inspections
  • Use this knowledge to review your own school’s performance data
  • Find out the new features of ASP


What have other headteacher’s said about the training?

IDSR – Explanation of the flying saucers. Points to ponder are brilliant!!

Information on how to navigate my way through the various sections and where to find specific information was really helpful – It should help us back in school when analysing data.

Clearly explained reports and methodology as well as highlighting the limitations and narratives below data

Just useful having a very clear overview linked to Ofsted Inspection Framework. Thank you.

I liked the “tips and tricks” that were shared. Points to ponder very useful.

All very clear and made a complex topic manageable.

A very effective overview and a great deal of information.

‘Points to Ponder’ very useful!

A really useful session which will support my work in using data appropriately to drive school improvement.

Very valuable! Aided confidence & competence understanding schools data.

As a Junior school it was very useful to understand the whole process. I particularly enjoyed the clarity of the presentation and the opportunity to clarify elements of the reports.

Clear, precise information – put in a simple way. Very Valuable!

Most useful aspect: The questions (hand-out) – Points to Ponder – taking to SLT to feed into SEF.

Talking through the ASP + IDSR was useful as a new analysis of data. Very informational + simply explained. Thank you.