Here at DAISI Education, our aim is to support school leaders with data analysis that supports your Ofsted inspections. This page is about how we can help your school..

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Inspection Guide  |    How DAISI can help

How to make the most of your School Data

  1. Prepare in advance what you want to get across about your school – Frame the Inspection.
  2. Be Clear – There is an Ofsted assumption that all staff should have a good understanding of the external data of your school.
  3. Make sure you can explain how data has informed the philosophy, decision making and sequencing of your curriculum.
  4. Be clear about the different cohorts Most inspections have focused in on specific areas (Expected Progress, Phonics Screening)
  5. Be able to show how you have used data to inform school improvement and progress over time.
  6. Above all else, remember your school data is all about maximising potential and how you can help your pupils with their learning..

A DAISI Guide to the new Ofsted Inspections

What will inspections under the new framework be actually like?

There will be 3 main parts of the inspection regime:

Pre – Inspection  |  Deep Dives  |  Bring it Together

Next Steps

Hopefully this video has clarified what will happen under the new Inspection Regime.

You will no doubt be reviewing your curriculum against the School Inspection Handbook to ensure it can be the best it can be for your pupils. This is central to the changes in the framework and cannot be understated.

Some other key points…

  • Make sure that you have all the information that inspectors will require by 8 a.m. on Day 1 is either available or easily retrievable.
  • If your analysis is stored on an MIS, you might want to have a easy-to-read manual of what buttons to press to retrieve the necessary information, especially important if someone is off sick on the preparation day.
  • Make sure you know all of the implications of the data stored in your school’s IDSR – inspectors will still be reviewing them before coming to your school.

Further Reading

Inspection Guide  |   How DAISI can help

How can DAISI Education help?

Headteachers and School Leaders need to have a thorough understanding of their exam results, the ASP (Analyse School Performance) and IDSR (Inspection Data Summary Report).

  • How well do you understand your School data?
  • Could you frame the data conversation with an Ofsted Inspector?
  • Do you know what Ofsted is looking for?


Our ASaP report, makes understanding the ASP easy with detailed written statements, graphs and charts and bespoke cohort insight.

Primary Schools

The basic characteristics of your school: Absence, Early Years, Phonics, KS1, and KS2 Attainment and progress.

Secondary Schools

We analyse your school’s Attainment 8, Attainment Thresholds (9-5 and 9-4), Progress 8 and EBacc Pillars attainment.

Question Level Analysis

Whatever assessment you are using, you should have clear reasoning for what interpretations and actions you are going to use. Inspectors will ask what you are drawing from your assessment data and how that is informing your curriculum and teaching.

DAISI Question Level Analysis has helped many schools find the marginal gains they needed and proven to help schools improve their results over time.

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How does QLA help with Ofsted?

Our Principal Analyst guides you through The principles behind assessment within the Ofsted Inspection Handbook and how Question Level Analysis fits within it.

Online Training

Our online training courses are FREE and cover a wide range of topics from school data in every key stage to a full guide to the ASP and Ofsted IDSR

In our FREE training courses, we go through each page of the Ofsted IDSR Dashboard and the ASP website

Our FREE School Data Guides give you information about Assessments for all stages of Education.