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EARLY BIRD Special Codes

Our Early Bird codes give you money off your order. Remember they are specific to only certain products and also time-limited.

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Code: “EarlyASaP” – 25% Off

Offer ends 30/09/2023

Code: “EarlyMock” – 10% off

Offer ends 31/10/2023

Code: “EarlyMock” – 10% off

Offer ends 31/10/2023

QLA Combined

Save money by combining QLA into different packages.

  • All 3 Mock SATs Analysis in one package – £300
  • QLA Results + QLA Mock SATs – £349
  • QLA Results + QLA Concise – £329
  • QLA Results + Maths Baseline – £329

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Small Schools

Does your school have less than 15 pupils in Year 6?

Please note: this will be checked with Get info for Schools.

Use the code “15less” for 40% off marked price

We offer this discount on all our products.

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