DAISI Education:

A team of expert analysts passionate about turning data into meaningful insight so that your pupils can realise their potential.

Who are we?

We started in 2011 supplying bespoke analysis to schools in the City of Nottingham.

We now work nationally serving more and more individual Schools, Academies, Trusts, Federations and Local Authorities and offer a wide range of data analysis that has been proven to help improve results and save teacher’s time.

In 2019, we were recognised as a World Class Supplier for our work with outstanding schools by the world schools network – further proof of that our attention to detail and focussed data analysis is continuing to make a difference in schools across the country.

We firmly believe

Who do we work with?

We offer a full year-round service and every penny we create is put straight back into education.

As a traded service out of Nottingham City Council, we work with every school and academy within our city – supporting headteachers and school leaders to understand and manage their data.

We also work in partnership with Multi-Academy Trusts and Local Councils across the country on a weekly basis. Our reporting serves Local Authority officers and Education Improvement Boards with the intelligence needed to inform strategic dialogue and direction.

We believe that each school requires a personalised solution to their data needs and offer timely, unique and tailor-made reports. Whether a small school or a large council, our attention to detail remains the same.

What do we offer?

Our Product range is designed with teachers, tutors, teaching assistants and headteachers in mind and offers a wide range of data analysis that could really make a difference in your school or academy..

We make analysis easy giving clear and insightful reports that focus on the Insight – not the numbers – and aim to identify the Small Steps that lead to Big Changes.

Our Question Level Analysis has been proven to help improve school attainment over time. It breaks assessment data down into meaningful insight that teachers, pupils and parents can all use to make a real difference.

Our Annual Data Package gives you a bespoke package meeting your data needs with detailed analysis throughout the year delivered straight to your inbox.

Our ASaP report, makes the ASP easy with detailed written statements, graphs and charts and bespoke insight into all of the many different cohort groups throughout your school.

Our Bespoke Data Packs offer a forensic look at your key indicators in a clear and easy to read way – praised for their level of detail whilst remaining “accessible to all”.

Our DAISI QuickView is your One-Stop Results Guide. Completely Free and easy-to-download to pdf or ppt in less than a minute. Available for KS2, KS4 and School Absence.

Our FREE Online Training courses including School Data Guides are designed to make the whole area of data analysis clearer for you.

Our Home Learning pages were put together over the summer of 2020 and have continued to grow ever since with links provided both from all around the world.

For a full list of how we can help your school, click on your school type..

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Please contact us on 0115 87 64020

or email mail@daisi.education

We aim to provide our customers with the highest levels of communication and services and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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DAISI Education is a Traded Service working out of Nottingham City Council

Address: DAISI Education, Analysis and Insight, Nottingham City Council, Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG2 3NG