How we can help your Trust

Each trust is distinctive and requires bespoke detail.

DAISI Education work with Multi Academy Trusts all over the country providing detailed bespoke Data Insight and Question Level Analysis.

  • 20% discount on the full cost of any order
  • Higher level Summary reports for your MAT
  • Uniform Detailed analysis for all your schools/academies.
  • Data Packages with Trust Averages included

Trust Level Reports | Time Saving Analysis for every Headteacher | Data Packages | Feedback

Trust Level Summary Reports

Would you like a summary report of all your academies combined?

  • See clear trends and areas to work on across your trust
  • MAT averages created to compare against national.
  • Clear Comparisions as you view one academy against another
  • Commission CPD support across the whole trust
  • Identify successful curriculum interventions based on real evidence.

We can create high level summary reports for your trust for all our QLA and ASaP reports once all your academies submit their data. We will produce an individual report for each academy and summarise them in the trust level report for MAT leaders.

20% discount on the full price for all MAT Orders | This reduces further if all your academies sign up to DAISI Premium

Bespoke Reports for every Headteacher

All our QLA or ASaP reports can be purchased for all your academies together.

  • Time Saving Analysis for all your headteachers – direct to their inbox.
  • Forensic InsightProven to help improve results over time
  • Every Topic, Every Question, Every Cohort analysed in detail
  • Fully customised with MAT averages and school by school comparisons
  • FREE Trust Level Summary report for senior leaders including MAT Averages included.

20% discount on the full price for all MAT Orders | This reduces further if all your academies sign up to DAISI Premium

Data Packages

Annual Package | Summer Data Package

  • Look back with our Data Packs, Scorecards and ASP insight
  • Dive Deeper with our Question Level Analysis
  • Look forward with our Mock QLA and Baseline Assessments

All our Data Packages include customised reports for your academies and Trust level summary reports. Start Evidence-based discussions about what intervention strategies are needed and what changes you want to make to your curriculum.

  • Forensic and Personalised Analysis of your results by a real analyst.
  • Up to date Reports sent direct to headteacher’s inboxes
  • Single page views, clear graphs, and easy to read statements throughout.
  • One uniform Analysis across all your academies

Price based on the number of pupils in each academy (For transparency and consistency we calculate the price based on number on role according to the Get Information about Schools website) When you sign up as trust – we will only charge you once for the setup of each package.

20% discount on the full price for all MAT Orders | This reduces further if all your academies sign up to DAISI Premium

Feedback from Multi Academy Trusts

Over the years, many trusts have got back in touch to tell us about what they thought of our QLA and ASaP reports and how they had helped find those marginal gains to improve results.

DRB Ignite Multi Academy

“The data pack reports are excellent and were really helpful. The detail and narrative was exactly what we need and we will certainly be using DAISI again. The service has been excellent and the speed they were put together was fantastic so thank you I am really grateful.”

Chief Executive Officer

Nottingham Schools Trust

What a fabulous job the DAISI team has done! With an accurate and critical understanding, the team has devised simple but effective tools for analysis of internal data at question level for our schools. These tools will support us to enable class teachers, subject leaders, senior leaders and governors to accurately evaluate their areas of responsibility and plan for school improvements over the coming 12 months.”

Chief Executive Officer

Peterborough Keys Academy Trust

“I just wanted to say thank you for turning around the DAISI reports so quickly it’s very much appreciated.  …I’m sure they will be key in informing the focus area’s for this year improvement plans.”

Chief Executive Officer

The Mast Academy Trust

“Thankyou! We have found the DAISI reports very useful – not only for identifying weakness in particular groups in the cohort – but to think about changes we might need to make to Year 6 this year.”

Chief Executive Officer

Anthem Schools Trust

“Daisi Transition provides key topic evaluation to prioritise areas of focus in the catch up sessions enabling more targeted and focused intervention to take place.“ 

Chief Executive Officer

We have been working alongside Luton Council providing Data Analysis for all schools since 2016.

“From the outset, working with the DAISI team has been a positive experience. They are responsive to the needs of the authority and schools and have enabled us to develop the service to meet our needs. The expertise of colleagues in the DAISI team has been invaluable, providing suggestions, advice, guidance and updates. I am delighted that we have entered into this partnership which is mutually beneficial to both parties and invaluable in these times of limited resources.”

Carol Wylde, School Improvement Adviser, Luton Council