Is your Academy part of a Multi-Academy Trust?

Bespoke Packages available for your full Trust

DAISI Education work with Multi Academy Trusts all over the country providing detailed bespoke Data Insight and Question Level Analysis.

We design every package for your data needs alone – creating a saving just for you.

QLA for the full Year   |    Annual Data Package    |   Individual Reports

How DAISI Education can help your Trust

We believe that each trust is distinctive and requires bespoke detail.

Every school in your Trust will receive the same level of forensic analysis – personalised in detail and including individual pupil profiles for every student. We then combine the results to create higher level summary reports for senior leaders to give real comparisons across all your academies.

Time Saving Analysis and Insight

Help your headteachers with personalised school analysis.
All reports will look the same giving your trust a uniformed data set.
Allowing for more conversation and analysis across academies.


Easy to read Charts and Graphs

Single page views with clear graphs/charts, colour coding & benchmarking.
Statements that immediately show the secure areas and the gaps to focus on.
One centre dealing with all your data enquiries.


Evidence Based CPD Planning

Tailor your Trust CPD for maximum impact knowing what your pupils need with detailed analysis across your trust*.

Start conversations on the implications for the next academic year and what intervention strategies are needed across your Trust

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QLA Combined – The full picture of the Year 6 SATs Journey

DAISI Question Level Analysis has been proven to improve school results over time and, for the first time, you are now able to buy all four primary products for one combined and fixed price.

Each analysis must be used in the same academic year but you decide which one and when. We will then provide you the analysis of the results once the data is sent in to us (incl. Trust averages and overall summary for senior leaders).

We will then provide you the analysis of the results once the data is sent in to us.

One single purchase allows you to access to all this for every one of your academies…

Mock SATs

Run a Mock SATs and receive high-quality data analysis

  • Tailor a Trust wide response to any learning gaps
  • Start conversations on what intervention strategies are needed

Find Marginal Gains

This can then be followed up and tested with our QLA Concise 

  • One Hour Paper – Questions from previous SATs papers.
  • Carefully designed to provide full KS2 curriculum coverage.

Full Analysis of Results

Receive full and detailed analysis of their results 

  • Start conversations on the implications for next academic year.
  • Tailor your Trust CPD knowing what your pupils need.

Search for Learning Gaps Early

Our QLA Year 5 is designed to help start the process early..

  • One Hour paper – Mathematics (SATs based)
  • Deliberately focussed only on the Y3, Y4 and Y5 curriculum

“I think Question Level Analysis is a great tool and really help us to analyse our data in great detail. I have been telling everyone how good they are & how they have saved hours of work. This has allowed me to focus on how we can improve teaching and learning rather than spending time on the data analysis – a very welcome change.”

Headteacher, Captain Cook Primary School, Middlesbrough (James Cook Learning Trust)

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Full Year Data Package

Our Full Year Data Package is the most cost effective way of using our products giving you.. 

  • Up to date and uniform reports throughout the year for all Key Stages.
  • Reports ready to share with
    • Assessment Co-ordinators
    • Senior Leaders
    • Subject Leaders
    • School Improvement Partners and
    • Governors.
  • One centre dealing with all your data enquiries.
  • Full helpdesk service.
  • Single Page Views – with clear graphs, charts and tables.
  • Clear Written Statements throughout
  • Personalised for every school and including Individual pupil profiles for every student. 
  • Tailor your Trust CPD for maximum impact knowing what your schools and pupils need.
  • School leaders can use them in talking across the trust;
    • identify common trends/needs,
    • commission CPD support and
    • identify successful curricula interventions.

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Every one of these Individual reports can be purchased for your Trust giving you uniform analysis.

Question Level Analysis

Question Level Analysis is a vital and valuable tool for schools to use in the coming months enabling more targeted and focussed individual intervention to take place.

With our Individual Pupil Profiles, Targeted Topic Insight and Detailed Cohort Analysis included as standard, we firmly believe that we can give you the tools to help all the pupils in your trust Realise their Potential..

“These reports are so thorough and useful. Subject leaders and Raising Standards Leaders in each primary school are going to be able to use this information to inform teaching and learning opportunities , not just in Year 6, but across the school. Some of the graphs used were new to me – it’s always good to be challenged by  information presented in a different way!

Headteacher, Ravensthorpe Primary School (Peterborough Keys Trust)

Bespoke Data Analysis

Our Bespoke Data Packs offer a forensic look at your key indicators in a clear and easy to read way. Used by schools and trusts alike, they are praised for their level of detail whilst remaining “accessible to all”.

“The data pack reports are excellent and were really helpful. The detail and narrative was exactly what we need and we will certainly be using DAISI again. The service has been excellent and the speed they were put together was fantastic so thank you I am really grateful.”

Chief Executive Officer – DRB Ignite Multi Academy Trust

ASaP – Your School’s ASP Summary analysed for you 

Our ASaP report makes the ASP easy with detailed written statements, graphs and charts. With Personalised Insight on every page, our time saving analysis allows you to see everything you need really quickly including detailed insight into all of the many different cohort groups throughout your school.

“Using the ASaP analysis with both staff and governors is so much more effective with the DAISI reports. The visual presentation makes it accessible to all, staff quickly assimilate the information they need to support their subject and school development plans. Whilst governors have the overview and detail they require to enable them to ask relevant, pertinent and searching questions with confidence and understanding.”

Karen O’Donnell, Head Teacher, Athelstan Community Primary School

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