One hour test – Full KS2 Curriculum

Focus your teaching at the start of Year 7

Detailed Forensic Analysis of the Results

All questions taken from previous SATs papers.

Detailed Topic Analysis for Teachers

Individual Pupil Profiles for every student

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Year 7 Maths Baseline

Our Year 7 Mathematics Baseline gives you an easy- to-use hour-long assessment paper that covers the full KS2 curriculum plus detailed and forensic analysis of the results – including individual pupil profiles.

  • All questions taken from previous SATs papers.
  • Carefully designed and chosen to provide full KS2 curriculum coverage.
  • Assessment Paper / Mark Scheme provided
  • Full analysis of results include

Each assessment is delivered as a PDF and arrives ready made for photocopying and use in the classroom saving you valuable time. It also comes with its own mark scheme giving a clear indication of where each question has been taken from in the original paper.

This product currently has two papers available: 2019 and 2017.

How does it work?

Teachers will need to mark the paper and input the results in our spreadsheet for our forensic analysis. 

You would need to enter names, UPNS and the individual marks with:

  • 0 = Question attempted, no marks.
  • 1 = Question attempted, 1 mark.
  • 2 or 3 = Question attempted, 2-3 marks.
  • N = Question Not Attempted.

You will receive full instructions and a link to our spreadsheet with your order acknowledgement. 

Your reports will be produced within 3 working days from receipt of order and provision of data.  

Alternatively, reduce your time entering the data by requesting our paper marksheets. We will then enter your scores into our spreadsheet ourselves(for an additional fee). For more information – email

Year 7 Maths Baseline

Full Assessment Paper and Mark Scheme covering Full KS2 Curriculum

Detailed Forensic Analysis of the Results including cohort/topic insight

Within 3 working days from provision of data.

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Detailed Analysis

Our Question Level Analysis breaks the results of an assessment down into simpler parts – focusing in on successes and highlighting areas to focus on.

The analysis includes..

A Full Summary

A clear starting point – focussing in on the headlines and points for you to focus on as the deeper analysis continues.

Topic Insight

We divide up the questions into bespoke Topics – allowing teachers to create their bespoke lesson plans to address the learning gaps right at the start of the year.

Type of Question

Is there one particular question type which is a particular problem to your pupils? This analysis can be used to pinpoint exactly where to focus your intervention.

Analysis of every Cohort

We break the results down in your various cohorts – gender, disadvantaged, SEN, EAL and prior attainment allowing you to focus in on the areas in need.

Individual Pupil Profiles

Perfect for teacher, tutors and parents alike, our Individual Pupil Profiles enable you to look at individual pupil’s strengths and challenges.

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Benefits for You

  • Individual Pupil Profiles for each student.
  • Cohort Analysis to enable you to see specific groups.
  • Quick Turnaround within 3 working days.
  • Single page views with clear graphs and charts, simple tables, colour coding and benchmarking
  • Immediately see the areas that are secure and the gaps to focus on.
  • Each question cross-referenced; domain references/mark scheme/test framework, showing which subject area each question is assessing.
  • Reports ready to share with Assessment Co-ordinators, Senior Leaders, Subject Leaders, School Improvement Partners and Governors.
  • Additional overarching Multi Academy Trust Strategic Report available.

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What have schools said about DAISI QLA?

“Thank you. The reports have proved to be very informative for us as a Secondary Maths department”

The Hermitage Academy, County Durham

Thank you very much for this. The analysis is great and we really want to send this home to parents to help improvement.

Head of Maths – Colonel Frank Seely Academy (Redhill Academy Trust)

“I particularly like the pupil profiles and will be able to use these for identifying our able and year 7 catch up students.

KS3 Teaching and Learning Leader, Trinity Catholic High School, Essex

“Thank you so much for these reports – they have been really useful and saved us a mountain of work”

The Elizabethan Academy, Nottinghamshire (The Elizabethan Academy Trust)

“WOW! Money well spent! Thanks so much for the swift turn around. Amazing… Once again, amazed with the service.  Thank you very much indeed this is a massive help.”

Exams & Assessment Manager, Park View School, Durham

Ordering is Easy

We will then send you.. 

  • the chosen paper
  • mark scheme
  • our spreadsheet for the results.

You will need to administer the test, mark each paper and input your pupils’ results into our spreadsheet and send this back to us. You will receive full instructions with your order acknowledgement.

Your reports will be produced and sent back via secure email within 3 working days from provision of data.

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