One hour Maths Baseline

To help prepare students for the Year 6 SATs

Focuses only on the Year 3-5 Maths Curriculum

All questions from past papers

Full Question Paper and Mark Scheme

PLUS Forensic Analysis of the Results

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How does it work?

We have created an easy-to-use hour-long assessment paper.

  • All questions taken from the three Mathematics SATs papers.
  • Carefully designed and chosen to focus only on the Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 curriculum.
  • No material due to be covered in Year 6.

The assessment is delivered as a PDF and arrives ready made for photocopying and use in the classroom saving you valuable time.

It also comes with its own mark scheme giving a clear indication of where each question has been taken from in the original paper.

Teachers will need to mark each paper and input the results in our spreadsheet for our forensic analysis.  You would need to enter names, UPNS and the individual marks into our spreadsheet…

  • 0 = Question attempted, no marks.
  • 1 = Question attempted, 1 mark.
  • 2 or 3 = Question attempted, 2-3 marks.
  • N = Question Not Attempted.

You will receive full instructions with your order acknowledgement.

QLA Maths 3-5

Full Assessment Paper and Mark Scheme

Detailed Forensic Analysis of the Results including cohort/topic insight

Within 3 working days from provision of data.

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Benefits for you

With each order, you will receive…

Full Assessment Paper and Mark Scheme

  • Time-Saving Shorter assessment paper
  • Carefully designed to cover only the Year 3-5 Curriculum
  • Arrive pre-prepared saving teacher time.
  • Easy to use in one lesson.
  • Teacher instructions included.
  • Full Mark Scheme linked to original topics and questions.
  • Each question cross-referenced; domain references/test framework, showing which subject area each question is assessing.


Detailed Forensic Analysis of the Results

  • Individual Pupil Profiles for every child.
  • Forensic Topic Insight across all categories
  • Cohort Analysis to enable you to see specific groups.
  • Single page views with clear graphs, charts and tables.
  • Clear Statements to explain throughout.
  • All figures bench-marked against national figures from the year chosen.
  • Strands with the most marks available are highlighted, making it easier to see areas that are secure. (also includes ‘% of correct marks’ as well as ‘% of questions attempted’)
  • Detailed Insight allowing your school to identify key gaps and prioritise actions for the future.
  • Robust data to aid refinement of teaching and the recovery curriculum.
  • Quick Turnaround within 3 working days.
  • Reports ready to share with Assessment Co-ordinator, Senior Leaders, Subject Leaders, Class Teachers
  • Overarching Multi Academy Trust Strategic Report also available on request.

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What have schools said about DAISI QLA?

“Fantastic and so simple to use. In addition, it would have taken us an inordinate length of time to produce anything quite like it. Thank you! In Ofsted speak Outstanding Best Value!!!

Broadway Junior School, Sunderland

“These tools have supported us to enable class teachers, subject leaders, senior leaders and governors to accurately evaluate their areas of responsibility and plan for school improvements over the coming 12 months.”

Nottingham Schools Trust

“Enormous thanks for the QLAs. I’m really pleased with them. My Y6 teachers can now focus their teaching on specific areas during the spring and early summer to give the children the best possible chance of achieving their potential in the SATs.”

Headteacher, Grangehurst Primary School, Coventry

“In regards to the QLA as we have such a large cohort – it is good to look for areas/types of questions where children have struggled and we need to focus on further in the future. The QLA for each individual child is useful when looking at specific children within groups SEN, FSM, PP looking particularly at their individual progress in each subject.”

Headteacher, Fernwood Primary School, Nottingham

“DAISI QLA is a wonderful product. It has not only saved me a lot of time but is clear and easy to understand. It is a resource I will share with our governors. I have also recommended DAISI QLA to other Head Teachers.”  

Headteacher, The Butterwick Pinchbeck’s Endowed CofE Primary School

Order your Y6 Maths Baseline today…

After your order is received, you will be sent the paper, mark scheme and results spreadsheet. You will need to administer the test, mark each paper and input your pupils’ results into our spreadsheet and send this back to us.

You will receive full instructions with your order acknowledgement.

We aim to send your reports back via secure email within 3 working days from provision of data.

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