DAISI Education offers a bespoke year round service to all schools in Luton in partnership with Luton Council. Our mission has always been to help our local schools manage, use and understand data more effectively – saving precious time that could be spent working with pupils.

We offer a discount of 20% on all our QLA for Luton Schools. Simply make sure that the 821 code is inputted and you include the discount code of “LUTONDAISI“.

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Detailed Question Level Analysis

Question Level Analysis breaks the results of an assessment down into simpler parts – focusing in on successes and highlighting areas to focus on. It can really help prepare for exams, and gives teachers a true insight into their cohorts.  

The QLA Results is part of the Luton Data Packages & requires no data inputting.

With the Mock tests, you do the assessments in school and send us the results. We then transform the numbers into detailed analysis and insight that puts teachers in a position of knowledge and enables them to Help your pupils Realise their Potential.

QLA Results (Part of Luton Data Packages)

Receive full and detailed analysis of your results enabling conversations on the implications for your curriculum in the next academic year.

Reduced from £269 to £215.20 with your Luton Discount

QLA Baseline (Analysis of your Mock SATs)

Run a Mock SATs and receive high-quality data analysis of the results enabling you to tailor a School/Trust wide response to any learning gaps.

Reduced from £199 to £159.20 with your Luton Discount

QLA Concise (One hour SATs paper – Full KS2 Curriculum)

Follow up with our QLA Concise – One Hour Papers with SATs Questions carefully chosen to provide full KS2 curriculum coverage.

Reduced from £99 per paper to £79.20 with your Luton Discount

QLA Maths 3-5 (One Hour Maths Paper – Y3-5 Curriculum)

Search for Learning Gaps early with our QLA Maths 3-5 – a One Hour paper in Mathematics deliberately focussed only on the Y3, Y4 and Y5 curriculum.

Reduced from £99 per paper to £79.20 with your Luton Discount

Analysis includes..

A Full Summary

A clear starting point – focussing in on the headlines and points for you to focus on as the deeper analysis continues.

Topic Insight

We divide up the questions into bespoke Topics – allowing teachers to create their bespoke lesson plans to address the learning gaps right at the start of the year.

Type of Question

Is there one particular question type which is a particular problem to your pupils? This analysis can be used to pinpoint exactly where to focus your intervention.

Analysis of every Cohort

We break the results down in your various cohorts – gender, disadvantaged, SEN, EAL and prior attainment allowing you to focus in on the areas in need.

Individual Pupil Profiles

Perfect for teacher, tutors and parents alike, our Individual Pupil Profiles enable you to look at individual pupil’s strengths and challenges.

*Pupil on a Page Profiles only available with 2018 and 2019 papers.


We offer a discount of 20% on all our Question Level Analysis for Luton Schools.

Simply fill in the appropriate order form below and please make sure that the 821 code is inputted and you include the discount code of “LUTONDAISI“.

QLA ResultsFull Analysis of your 2022 SATs Results (Part of Data Package)Click here to order
QLA Mock SATsDetailed Analysis of a Full Mock SATs TestClick here to order
QLA ConciseSATs but Shorter! Full KS2 Curriculum in a one hour paper!Click here to order
QLA Maths 3-5One Hour Maths Assessment – Year 3-5 curriculum onlyClick here to order

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