What is the IDSR?

Ofsted’s Inspection Data Summary Report is a document that is used by Inspectors to prepare for short inspections and informs the initial conversation between HMI and the headteacher.

Ofsted have designed it to show at a glance how well previous cohorts demonstrated characteristics of good or better performance showing a brief overview of published data for the last three years using visual displays.

Therefore, headteachers and school leaders need to have a thorough understanding of their exam results, the ASP (Analyse School Performance) and IDSR (Inspection Data Summary Report).

How to find it

We are pleased to inform you that the new inspection data summary reports (IDSR) for primary data are now available through a link to the new Ofsted IDSR service in DfE’s Analyse School Performance (ASP).

The primary IDSRs hold provisional data for Key Stage 2, Key Stage 1, Phonics, and context data.

The DfE have also published a guidance document for the primary IDSR. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/school-inspection-data-summary-report-idsr-guide

How can we help?

FREE IDSR Online Training Course

In this FREE training course, we go through each page of the Ofsted IDSR Dashboard, so that you, other school leaders and your governors will be able to understand it better..

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What Topics are covered?
Early Years, Phonics, KS1
KS1 Year 2
KS1-2 Attainment & Progress
Scatterplots and outliers
Attendance and Persistent Absence
School Characteristics

ASaP – Your School’s ASP Summary analysed for you

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The ASaP Report
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The ASaP Appendix
Detailed Analysis by all your cohort groups (not available in ASP)

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