Information and Instructions for completing Assessment returns

Assessment in 2019

  • Early Years Foundation Stage Profile is still required this year
  • Phonics remains unchanged from last year
  • KS1: remains unchanged from last year
  • KS2: remains unchanged from last year

We have prepared the Assessment and Reporting Arrangements so that you can schedule your deadlines for submission to us at each of the Key Stages.

2019 Assessment and Reporting Arrangements

2019 End of Key Stage Processing

This year we have opted all Schools and Academies into our services for all of the key stages, as discussed at the Academy and School Network Meetings.


The initial deadline dates for each of the Key Stage Submissions are;

  • EYFSP: 1st July
  • Phonics: 27th June
  • KS1 TA: 27th June
  • KS2TA: 17th June

Following submission to the above deadlines, you will be sent a report detailing the received submission. At this point you will also receive a further deadline and paperwork should you wish to resubmit any of your results, please read the emails that come out alerting you of details nearer the deadline dates.

The LA deadlines are earlier than the National deadlines so that we have time to send you back reports detailing your submission, and for you to confirm that you are happy with the data as you have submitted it. 


Details of the charges are outlined in the above document, but should you meet all of our set deadlines you will incur no more charges than;

  • EYFSP: £1
  • Phonics Year 1: £1
  • Phonics Year 2: £1
  • KS1: £1
  • KS2 TA: £110

There are two deadlines for each of the above submission,

  1. The first deadline is for the initial submission
  2. You will then be sent a summary report and a form to be signed off and returned by a second deadline
    The form will have an option to tell us that you are going to make a resubmission, this must also be made by the deadline on the form.
  3. If you miss either of these dates a late fee will be incurred which is frozen this year to £55

Every time you make a resubmission you will be sent a new checking report and this will have a new deadline. Every missed deadline will incur an additional penalty.

The charges for this service remain the same as last year, and we have currently ‘opted in’ all schools to this service. We set the deadlines with potential late fees as there are many schools to co-ordinate. Should you wish to opt out please let us know using the method outlined below.

Opting Out

Should you want to opt out of any of these collections and you do not want us in the LA to moderate and check your submission please advise us by email to the appropriate address:

You will still be required to make your infant submissions via the LA in line with the national deadlines, instead of our LA ones, and we will not check your data or confirm your submission back to you before submission.

Please note that if you opt out at KS2 you will also have the responsibility of uploading your own KS2 TA results to the STA website and that Information Management does not support the use of this website.