Bespoke Training

  • Need training in a hurry?
  • Have a large number of staff to get up to speed on a particular subject?
  • Need to cover a subject that is not “off-the-shelf”?
  • Looking for INSET Day training?
  • Want to discuss your school data with a professional analyst?

This is where our Bespoke Training can help you, with a customised designed session just for you.



We write our own training with material taken from our own real-world, practical experience.

Where do you start? Easy! Just call us for an informal chat about your needs.

We take a very practical and down-to-earth approach to training and will, wherever possible, adapt existing material to help create your training.

Where this is not possible, or new material is needed, or material is confidential, we will create your training according to your specification.

  • We take an informal brief of your requirements
  • Assess how much pre-existing material is suitable to include
  • Advise on material that will need to be custom-written
  • Write an informal outline of the course along with a fixed-priced quote.  
  • Up to this point there is no obligation or cost to yourselves. If however you wish to go ahead, we will take a formal brief and a purchase order and start preparing the material ready for delivery.


We offer Bespoke Training services in these areas…


Let’s get the conversation started

We are not expecting you to have all the answers, but the fact that you’re here suggests that you have some questions. So why not break the ice?

For more information on how DAISI can help you with bespoke training, data or consultancy services, contact us on 0115 87 64020 or email