Question Level Analysis

Question Level Analysis breaks the results of an assessment down into simpler parts – focusing in on successes and highlighting areas to focus on. It can really help prepare for exams, and gives teachers a true insight into their cohorts.  

With our Individual Pupil ProfilesTargeted Topic Insight and Detailed Cohort Analysis included as standard, we firmly believe that we can give you the tools to Help your pupils Realise their Potential..

QLA Transition

QLA-Transition breaks down your new Year 7’s SATs results to give you detailed insight into your new pupils’ Strengths and Weaknesses before they even set foot in your school.

Year 7 Maths Baseline

Our Year 7 Mathematics Baseline gives you an easy-to-use hour-long assessment paper that covers the full KS2 curriculum plus detailed and forensic analysis of the results – including individual pupil profiles.


We provide a benchmark assessment of how pupils performed in the subject, identifying strengths and weaknesses and quickly bringing a forensic focus to areas of learning within subject topics for further intervention.

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