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ASaP: Your ASP analysed ASAP (Primary)

Your School’s Analyse School Performance Summary distilled into two simple to understand documents with personalised analysis on every page.

  • ASaP Report – a full Summary of your School.
  • ASaP Appendix – your data by cohort type – NOT in the ASP.

We provide two standard versions, one using your unvalidated data, and then a second report using your validated data. Reports available individually or as a pair.


Question Level Analysis of KS2 SATs Results

3 powerful subject reports for Maths, Reading and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, plus summary report.

Time-saving, ready made analysis to inform curriculum and improvement planning. Each question cross-referenced so you can see which subject area it is assessing. Full Analysis by question/group/pupil.

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MOCK KS2 SATs Question Level Analysis

Are you giving your current Year 5 or Year 6 pupils the 2017/18 SATs test? We can create a full analysis of the results in all 23 categories. Imagine if you knew up-to-date information on how your current pupils were doing in punctuation, spelling, calculations, fractions, measurement? Time saving, ready made analysis to inform lesson planning and school curriculum moving forward.


DAISI QuickView

Your One-stop Results Guide!  Fully Downloadable to pdf or ppt in less than a minute.

KS2 Results QuickView

A FREE overview of Reading, Writing, GPS, Maths and Science results for every school and LA in the country.

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Is your Primary School part of a Multi-Academy Trust?

FREE analysis of your Trust’s results including school by school comparisons.

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School Absence Figures

FREE analysis of your Schools Analysis Figures for every school in the Country.

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Your Full Data Analysis Package

The DAISI Annual Primary Data Analysis Package remains the most cost effective way of using our products and is very popular among our local Nottingham schools providing a full year round service.

This combines the best of what we offer into one stand-alone pack including..

  • A Comprehensive Suite of Key Stage Reports
  • Question Level Analysis of KS2 SATs
  • ASaP Reports (Validated and unvalidated)
  • Narrative Reports – perfect for Governors

and much more…

Contact the DAISI service by email or phone and we can discuss. All arrangements are bespoke depending on size of school or Trust and your data needs.

Email: or Phone us on 0115 876 4020.


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Enhanced DAISI QuickView  

  • RWM combined
  • Writing
  • Maths
  • GPS
  • Science

               + Plus our Schools Explorer and Map Explorer

Full Absence QuickView

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