Across your Alliance/Cluster, are you giving your current Year 6 pupils the 2017 SATs tests?

DAISI can create an analysis for you – for any School or Academy in England – right now!

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Many schools are giving their current Year 6 pupils last year’s SATs tests.

They are doing this, so they can find out how they are doing, and how this compares with last year.

But what other data can you get from this? What if you knew how your current pupils are doing in:

  • Grammatical terms / word classes
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Identify details
  • Make and explain inferences
  • Meaning of words in context
  • Calculations
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Measurement
  • Number and place value
  • Spelling
  • Verb forms, tenses and consistency

Out of the 23 categories, these 11 above categories accounted for more than 81% of the marks last year.

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Are there any categories which need strengthening? Are there any cohort types which need particular attention? And what would their progress scores look like?

Let us help you. Last year we created Question Level Analyses for hundreds of schools, and we can do the same for your school for your current Year 6 Pupils.

You would need to enter the individual marks into our spreadsheet, with:

  • 0 = Question attempted, no marks.
  • 1 = Question attempted, 1 mark.
  • 2 or 3 = Question attempted, 2-3 marks.
  • N = Question Not Attempted.

Enter their names and UPNs, and we will create your analysis, which includes:

  • overall test performance
  • outcomes by groups (including gender, disadvantaged, SEN, EAL and prior attainment)
  • question summary results
  • question types results
  • question performance by groups
  • question performance per pupil

Benefits for you

  • Reports ready to share with Assessment Co-ordinators, Senior Leaders, Subject Leaders, School Improvement Partners, Governors and Ofsted.
  • Single page views with clear graphs and charts, simple tables, colour coding and benchmarking
  • Immediately shows areas that are secure and the gaps to focus on.
  • Each question cross-referenced; domain references/mark scheme/test framework, showing which subject area each question is assessing.
  • Forensic analysis to focus teaching on areas of need
  • Evidence based discussion for implications for the current academic year and what intervention strategies are needed.
  • Good evidence for Ofsted.
  • Share reports with other schools; identify common trends/needs, commission CPD support and identify successful curricula interventions.
  • Free overarching Alliance/Cluster Level Report.


  • is powerful
  • is clear and easy to read
  • provides an evidence base to focus intervention
  • prepares for inspection
  • provides a collaborative means of support and challenge

Value for Money and Fast Delivery

  • All 3 maths papers, reading paper and 2 GPS papers analysed and condensed into 3 subject reports, together with a 26-page summary report.
  • Bulk Order prices
    • £215 per primary/junior school and £99 per small school (15 pupils or less in current Y6 cohort) – and a free overarching Alliance/Cluster Level Report.
  • Single school prices
    • £230 per primary/junior school and £99 per small school (15 pupils or less in current Y6 cohort).
  • Your reports will be produced within 4 working days from receipt of order and provision of data.
  • Reports sent via secure email.

What have schools said about it?

“What a fabulous job the Data, Analysis and Insight team has done for us once again! With an accurate and critical understanding for schools the team has devised a simple but
effective tool for analysis of internal data at question level for our school. These tools will support us to enable class  teachers, subject leaders, senior leaders and governors to accurately evaluate their areas of responsibility and plan for school improvements over the coming 12 months. We will certainly be using the service again next year.”
Sarah and Pat Fielding, Headteachers, Haydn Primary School

Ordering is easy – complete our online order form (see below). You will receive full instructions and a link to our spreadsheet with your order acknowledgement. You then need to input your pupils’ results into our spreadsheet and send this to us. Once that is done correctly, we do the rest.

Contact the DAISI Service using the comments box below or phone 0115 876 4624 should you wish to discuss your requirements.

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Q. Who are you?

See About Us.

Q. This seems too good to be true!

We can assure you that it is not too good to be true – and we are providing these reports to our Nottingham schools. There has been a lot of work and thought in the design and construction of these reports, building on years of experience of providing data analysis for schools and academies, including QLA reports.

Q. The price looks too low!

We deliberately seek to keep our prices relatively low, because we do not wish to place undue burdens on schools’ already stretched finances.

Some of the products and services that we provide locally, such as QLA, can also be provided nationally, and we would be delighted to do it for your school or academy as well.

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