What is ASP?

Analyse School Performance

The DfE’s Analyse School Performance (ASP) service was launched in April 2017 and provides schools and local authorities with a range of analyses predominantly built around the DfE headline measures.

It is a key source of data from the Department for Education (DfE) and so therefore used by School Improvement Advisers and OFSTED Inspectors.

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When is the ASP released?

The release data varies from year to year depending on when the data is available.

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Currently available..

The KS4 final data is due to be published in March/April 2023.

How do I access my ASP?

Access to the ASP reports is via the Department for Education’s Secure Access portal, DfE Sign-in. If anyone in a school needs access and does not have login details, then they should liaise with the DfE Sign-in Approver in their school for further advice for accessing the site and for login details.

DFE Secure Access Sign-In

You will then need to sign with your email and password.

ASaP – Your School’s ASP Summary analysed for you 

Our ASaP report makes the ASP easy with detailed written statements, graphs and charts.

With Personalised Insight on every page, our time saving analysis allows you to see everything you need really quickly including detailed insight into all of the many different cohort groups throughout your school.

We provide two versions of the ASaP Reports – firstly using your unvalidated data, and then a secondly (for no extra charge) we will update it using your validated data.

We aim to produce ASaP reports within 4 working days of receipt of your data.