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Analyse School Performance Summary

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Two simple to understand Reports


Personalised Analysis on every page…


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.ASaP Report – a full Summary of your School.

The ASaP Report

ASaP is packed with ASP charts plus our ready made performance statements covering the basic characteristics of your school. Easy to Read Graphs and Charts show your key performance indicators in an easy to understand way.


The ASaP Appendix

Your ASaP Appendix report presents your data by up to 42 different cohort typesa feature not available in ASP. Time – Saving forensic analysis that saves you having to look for data in multiple places and immediately shows areas that are secure and the gaps to focus on.


PRIMARY SCHOOLS                               SECONDARY SCHOOLS


Reports available individually or as a pair.

We provide two standard versions of the ASaP Reports – the first using your unvalidated data, and then a second report using your validated data.

We aim to produce ASaP reports within 4 working days of receipt of your data.

We can also create an alternative report based on your School’s Own Data – as opposed to the Data within the ASP.


PRIMARY SCHOOLS                                SECONDARY SCHOOLS


ASaP provides clear performance statements of the main data and what it means to your school. All Reports have been created with Governors and Key Stakeholders in mind.

You can easily:

  • Incorporate key messages into the data section of your SEF
  • Use key analysis in your school development plan
  • Work with key staff to ensure evidence-based decisions are taking place around curriculum planning
  • Use to present your data in a simple way to Governors and school improvement partners to help them support you better.

Perhaps most importantly you can use it to prepare for Ofsted as it iscross referenced to the Ofsted Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR).


PRIMARY SCHOOLS                               SECONDARY SCHOOLS