The New Ofsted Inspection Framework came into force in September 2019.

  • What does this mean in practice?
  • How will inspections change?
  • How can Headteachers prepare?
  • What should our Curriculum look like?
  • How important is my School Data?

DAISI Education can help.. (Click on the links below..)

School Inspections


Internal Data/External Data

New Ofsted Inspections

What will inspections under the
new framework be actually like?

There will be 3 main parts
of the inspection regime:
Deep dives
Bringing it together

Have a read of our Curriculum Articles below..

New Focus on Curriculum

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Internal Data / External Data?

The new Ofsted framework states that inspections will not examine any internal school data. But in practice what does this mean?

Headteachers and School Leaders need to have a thorough understanding of their exam results, the ASP (Analyse School Performance) and IDSR (Inspection Data Summary Report).

  • How well do you understand your School data?
  • Could you frame the data conversation with an Ofsted Inspector?
  • Do you know what Ofsted is looking for?
  • Do you want more detail than what is found in the IDSR?
  • Do your Governors need a course or Report that is suited for them?


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Our ASaP report, makes understanding the ASP easy with detailed written statements, graphs and charts and bespoke cohort insight. It continues to be ordered by schools and academies across the country – Another excellent source of insight for governors, trustees and School Improvement Advisors.

Online Video Training

We have created two video courses to help you understand the ASP and IDSR..

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Analysis of KS2 SATs results

For more information about using KS2 QLA in your Primary School – Click Here

This is an excellent way to show how you have used data over time to improve your school.

In Primary Schools – This could be looking back at your previous years results to see trends in teaching and curriculum. Click here for a description of how DAISI Question Level Analysis has been used consistently by a local Nottingham Primary School. By utilising the analysis given, they have seen a rise in their results across each of the different subjects in the KS2 SATs and this was also reflected in their recent Ofsted Inspection.

In Secondary Schools – this could be looking forward with Transition for your new Year 7s.

For more information about Transition QLA – Click Here

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